Geocache Viewer

A geocaching GPX viewer application for the iPhone and iPad.

Troubleshooting - 14th July 2010

There are currently no known issues with Geocache Viewer 1.1
Please report any issues to support at
If a particular GPX is not working with Geocache Viewer 1.1, please email it to support at for analysis.

Geocache Viewer 1.1 - Features

Updates that were included in Geocache Viewer 1.1 are:
1. Field notes can be added to caches and emailed from your iPhone. 2. A search bar has been added to the Geocache List view, so that you can search for a particular cache within a GPX file.
3. Additional/parking waypoints are supported.
4. Some multi-language text has been added for French, German, Portuguese, Swedish and Czech.

Geocache Viewer 1.1

Transferring GPX files to your iPad/iPhone/iPod

To transfer files, your iPhone must be connected to the same WiFi network as your PC or Mac. Then within the Geocache Viewer application click the "Transfer" button, followed by the "Enable Transfer" button. Geocache Viewer will then display an IP address that can be typed into the web browser on your PC/Mac. You can now use the web browser to send the GPX files to your iPhone. An example of what you should see in your web browser can be found here.

Geocache Viewer transfer screen

Geocache Viewer Icons - Geocache Types (version 1.1)
Mega Event
CITO Event
10 Year Anniversary Event

Geocache Viewer Icons - Additional Waypoints (version 1.1)
Parking Area
Reference Point
Question to Answer
Final location

For more information contact:
support at

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